Goalie Terms

Full Right - goalie that catches with their right hand


Butterfly - dropping down to your knees and having the legs flared out and hands out in front of the body. From a distance, the goalie resembles a butterfly.


Butterfly Slide - The act of going from our stance to sliding on our knees usually laterally or down the Y to take away the bottom of the net.


Power Push - A slide technique, sometimes confused with the Butterfly Slide. It is a movement when we are already in our butterfly and we get to our hybrid stance and push off of our outside leg (inside edge) to get to where we need to go to make the next save.


Knee Stack - the landing gear / area on the inside of the pad. When the pad rotates and the goale drops to the ground in the butterfly, this is the pad stack that the knee rests on. 


Trapper / Catcher - another name glove  


Blocker - the glove that the stick is held in and has a blocking board over the back of the hand


Dangler - a plastic piece that dangles or hangs from the goaltenders helmet to protect the throat.


Breaks - internal and external for pad construction. Internal breaks can be both above and below the knee and are cut into the foams inside the pad. External breaks refer to the outer roll and if it “breaks”. Most pads come with no or one below the knee.


Outer roll - The outside ridge of the pad. 


Thigh Rise - An “extra” portion of the pad used to help close the five hole when in the butterfly. It’s added to the top of the pad so that way the knee stack isn’t moved. 


Plus Sizing - the extra amount added to a pad. Most come with a plus 1" or 2". Custom pads can come with ½ inch sizing or 3 or 4". 


Paddle - flat portion of a goalie stick. Most goalie sticks are measured by paddle heights. So for example a 26" is a Senior stick.


Inside Edge - Refers to the inside edge of a skate blade. Most goalies will use their inside edges the most to push to move around the crease. 


Outside Edge - Refers to the outside edge of a skate blade. 


Toe Tie - usually skate lace or bungee cords used to “tie” the pad to the skate and keep itt in place. Also heps snap the pad back in place when the goalie gets out of the butterfly and stands back up.


Boot strap  / heel strap - a leather strap that wraps under the skate or around the skate and through a loop on the back of the heel. Used to help keep the pad stable and tighter on the foot.  


C-Cut - A basic skating technique that helps goalies gain depth.


5-Hole - Between the goalies' legs

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