Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goalies Inc. Academy? 

Goalies Inc. Academy is a personalized online training resource for your ice hockey goalie.


Why did we create Goalies Inc. Academy? 

We created Goalies Inc. Academy because not every city or organization has a goalie coach. This resource allows you to have a personalized online experience and get the coaching you need.


What's the difference between Goalies Inc. Academy and Goalies Inc?

Goalies Inc. Academy is personalized online ice hockey goalie training. Goalies Inc. is an in-person ice hockey goaltending school.


How does Goalies Inc. Academy work? 

Goalies Inc. Academy works by giving you various tools to help you along your goaltending journey. We have a graduated progression of skills that take you from basic to complex movements. In addition to that, we have a drill vault to help you learn and perfect these new moves. We also provide monthly Zoom lessons that cover topics like yoga, mental health, and mobility.


Do we do custom plans?

We can assist with custom plans for teams and organizations. If this is of interest to you, please contact us here!